A Poem – I Choose Alone 9/16/16

I wrote A Poem – I Choose Alone on All Poetry last year sometime but as I read it I thought about the changes that I am experiencing now with the loss of my dear dog and best friend. Each day, I awake and am startled by my aloneness, my loneliness. I really enjoy being alone most times but Guinness was a part of that being alone. He was quiet and codependent, loyal and not demanding. He was my silent, loved companion and I miss him at times like when we have meatloaf and I have some left over that I would have given to him with his dinner, or giving him a treat when we would return to our suite, but now I return alone. It is the small things that trigger my sadness, grief, and tears. I know that it will pass with some time.

Back to my poem, It was the prompt of “Alone” that led to my poem below. The process of writing the poem consists of knowing the difference between being alone and being lonely. Then I did a comparison between the two and end with questions for the reader of the poem. Enjoy my poem.

I Choose Alone

A Poem = Alone

Alone in my life
by my choice
comforts me.
I choose alone.

Loneliness is
feeling alone
in a crowd
not by choice.

When alone
I am lost in my
own thoughts;
reverie of silence.

Loneliness leads
to dependence,
despair, and a
reality of misery.

When faced with
loneliness while
I am alone, myself
is company enough.

What do you desire?
Aloneness by choice?
Or desperate loneliness?
Which do you choose?

I choose alone…

The feelings involved in my poem tonight were mostly of sadness.  The memories that came to mind for me were those of my dear dog tonight and a failed marriage and my divorce. I was lonely during my marriage because my ex is an alcoholic and preferred drinking to communicating. Al-anon helped me to learn about the co-dependence between the alcoholic and the significant other whether wife, daughter, son, etc. As I grew stronger, I chose to leave the marriage. That was a choice of being alone, although my daughter was with me (she was 13 at the time), but the loss of my dear companion and friend has been forced upon me by nature and disease. Thus, I am saddened by his loss and lonely for him.



See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil 9/12/16

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

When you hear the quote, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, do you know where the quote came from? Do you know what it means? Do you take the quote literally? Or do you take it for granted?

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Seeking Wise Counsel 9/8/16

Seeking Wise Counsel

Today, I choose to reflect on seeking wise counsel. Now wise counsel can be sought from family, friends, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and other experts, but the counsel that I speak of is the wise counsel of God. In His Word, the Bible is all of the Wise Counsel I can possibly use. That plus pray and my direct link with God through the Holy Spirit ensures that I have the best wise counsel available as long as I keep up my part. My part is to read His Word and Pray Daily.

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The Dirty Business of Politics 9/2/16

The Dirty Business of Politics

The Dirty Business of Politics is what I’m calling my post tonight. Politics is dirty, plain and simple. Whether we are talking about Republicans or Democrats, or an Independent Party, they’re all tainted. I learned that as a young adult of 21 with the first election I could vote. My opinion hasn’t changed. In fact, it has just been reinforced throughout the years. Especially worsening after the senior George Bush used really negative commercials against his candidate, Michael Dukakis. It was like two gang members fighting on the playground but much worse.

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