Wise Storage of Foods for Survival

Life is definitely unpredictable; there are particular events that we can prevent from happening, but it is totally impossible to prepare for them.  However, with the help of proper storing of foods, an average family should have enough supply that will help them to survive for a couple of weeks.  There are foods that come with an indistinct shelf life when stored properly such as pure honey, salt, and white sugar.  There are also sustenance that can last up to 10 years or probably longer such as whole spices, rice, dried corn, and beans.

Storing for Long-Term Survival

Most of the foods have a tendency to be spoiled due to the growth of the microorganism.  Remember that any microorganism will need two elements in order to survive, the moist and the oxygen.  Prevent one of these elements from touching your food, and you will be able to keep it for a long time.


Canned goods are indeed an extraordinary food to store.  An average type of canned good can last for several years.  Almost any types of food can now be placed inside the can; from vegetables, fruits, soups, meat to fish.  Furthermore, foods that are stored inside the can will not require cooking or reheating before you ingest them.  Most of these foods went into a treatment first before they were stored inside the can, so it is totally safe to eat it.  The microorganisms on the food will be killed through sterilisation, and the can is virtually impervious to any other type of bacteria.


Dehydrating foods can be conducted at home and then stored in a moisture-free container.   It will last for at least 3 years without any special care.  By removing the water content of the food, it also tends to get pretty light which also helps you in efficient storing of food.  However, make sure that you will only choose the food that can be eaten while they are dry.  Reconstituting your dried food can be a problem especially if there is no clean water present.  Drying foods especially the fruits may last from 6 hours to 18 hours.


For those who want to preserve the authentic flavour and freshness of the food, freezing will be your long-term storing solution.  Unfortunately, this may serve as a problem when your emergency situation involves a power outage. You may use a generator, but you will require a fuel to make sure that your freezer will keep functioning.  When foods are in a frozen condition, the microorganism will not be killed.  However, their low metabolism will prevent them from growing and reproducing.

Vacuum Sealing

The most efficient way to store your foods long-term is to vacuum seal them.  You must only choose foods that have a low moisture level or those that are completely dried out.  Oxygen will be eliminated inside the bag using a vacuum and will be sealed using a hot press.

Find the storing method that works perfectly in your situation.  By storing an adequate amount of foods, you will be able to survive longer compared to those who have no ways to properly store their foods.